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On my journey toward purpose . . .

My Mother, Brothers and Sisters – For too long did I allow the pain of my past to keep me from loving who God created me to be.  I am sorry for never realizing how much it hurt you when I stayed away and didn’t call.  Because I have been restored to wholeness, I have come to love and celebrate my uniqueness.  The ‘real me’ isn’t so bad after all.  You are a big part of the ‘real me’ and I have discovered that I do have wonderful brothers and sisters who are funny and full of life and an extraordinary gem for a mother.

A Special Thanks to My Mentors –  Dr./Pastor Lucielle Green of The Rock Ministries, Teaneck, NJ, Pastors James & Michelle Lewis of A Ray of Hope Ministries, Snellville, GA, Pastors Reford & Sheri Mott of Family Christian Center, New Rochelle, NY, Pastor Keith Elijah & Yvonne Thompson of Bronx Miracle Gospel Tabernacle, Bronx, NY, Roslyn Lloyd Kennedy, Tampa, FL, and Pastor Ann Grant Morrison, Brooklyn, NY.


The role you played in my life was strategic and by the divine plan of God.  From my Mordecai to the Naomi(s), and the mid-wives that help nurture and birth the ministry God placed in me; to my teachers and professors of hard-core discipleship and training… thank you for giving to the Lord.  I have been called into the kingdom for such a time as this.


To His Glory Publishing Company – You are not just my publisher but my friends. Thank you for the hard work, support and prayers during the writing of this book.

Professor Soyini Richards Galimore – You have been a faithful comrade and dear friend.  We have shared so many hardships, laughter and tears.  Remember the hot days on the old Georgia road?  How about the bread and coffee place?  Those were some dark and gloomy days, but as we journeyed through our wilderness experience together, we were like two little girls looking through the eyes of faith; laughing, confessing and speaking to the “nothings” in our lives.  Thank you for always seeing the best in me and never letting me forget that God had a bright future and an expected end for me.  Well, it’s so bright now, girl, I think we need our sunglasses.

Creflo Dollar Ministries – When my world around me began to fall apart, the anointing and the power of the online messages gave me repeated comfort, strength, and support that empowered me to continue to believe in my dreams.  Thank you…

Joyce Meyers Ministries – Joyce, you have been an incredible inspiration to me.  I want to say thank you for keeping it real.  What came to obliterate me of my destiny only propelled me into it.
Elder Clyde Stephens – I thank God for the day I met you on TBN’s parking lot.  Thank you for being obedient to the Lord.  You were definitely a God-link.

My Sisters and Brothers in the Lord – Ruthven & Jackie Mereigh, Stacey-Ann Wakefield, Vivian Lavergne, Sheila Innis, Gina Barcourt, Tarsha Swindell, Pastor Raymond John, and Sean Phekoo.  Thank you for believing in me during the roughest and toughest times of my Christian journey.  Your friendship, genuine prayers, and love over the years will always be treasured in my heart.