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About Alan Greenwood

Alan W. Greenwood

Men's Ministry Director

Ministry Leader

Email: [email protected]

Stemming from structured authoritarian upbringing from within the framework of a seasoned Christian military household, Alan has been engaged in a quest for impacting the lives of everyone within his network of influence in each capacity our Lord permits and limited only by imagination. Such an undertaking has driven him along paths that are systematically rogue with regards to traditional and secular interpretations of discipleship method that, in his humble opinion,  have always been irrelevant among a dying nation of people both within the Church of God and outside its reach. Unwittingly, Alan has become paramount among dissenting voices of “Church as usual” and pursues aggressively a day when mankind’s relationship with God and reverence of His Kingdom dynamics are commonplace.

The diversity of people and cultures Alan has encountered throughout his life; albeit overseas and familiar United States soil, have been key for him to discover the universal language of love; a God authored love that affects one’s soul in the most intimate and practical maneuver. As a by-product of this encounter, it has become a responsibility (even a duty) in Alan’s heart of hearts to help others discover not just the Elohim we are familiar with, but the Elohim we should have a focused intimate fellowship with nourished by His presence and compelled by His Spirit.