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On my journey toward purpose . . .

Anointed Tales™ is an Anointed Arrows Production

Today, children can travel to a faraway place in a land called Nardos where they learn about the consequences of right and wrong choices, love, hate, betrayal, and friendship.

Synonymous to our world today, the once marvelous and peaceful world of Nardos has evolved into a narcissistic society where fear, hate, greed, selfishness, and pride have inundated the squares, streets, and the lives of its inhabitants.


Join Nardarella as she battles the evil Nasthursha, Queen of Nasturtium, who has joined forces with the wicked King Protea.  Together they have threatened to seize all the cities in the land of Nardos.


Can Nardarella and the Sweet Peas outsmart the sly and deceitful Foxgloves that lie hiding and lurking in every corner?  Will they be able to escape the pursuit of the malevolent and nasty Snapdragons in the Dust Valley’s of the Helenium Sneezeweeds?


Anointed Tales™ is 

the brainchild of 

former First Lady Narda Goodson. 

A desire to create family entertainment that contains strong values from a Biblical perspective has always been one of her dreams.  Join Narda in a world where dreams do come true. And that's no fairytale!