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From betrayal, to abandonment, to rejection, to the Judas Kiss. If the carpet was ever pulled from under your feet, you are at the right place at the right time. I am your 21st Century Ruth, whose noble choices led me to be at the right place at the right time. My choices have opened the door to the Esther movement in my life, and it is for such a time as this that I exist. I will teach you how to wage battle against the enemy of your soul. And when all hell has forged all it has against you, you will rise in the power, love, and strength of the Lord, because now, when people pull the carpet from under your feet, instead of falling and breaking, you're going to stretch your wings and fly. ~Narda Goodson

This is the story of a Latin woman who greatly detested her Spanish heritage. The deep wounds and scars she carried as a child and into adulthood would not allow her to embrace herself or her culture. In turn, she found herself in the safe haven of her husband's West Indian culture, where she thought she could plant her roots and forget about her past. 

As self-rejection proliferated, many facets of her individuality began to change. Not only was she unable to relate to her Hispanic lifestyle, but she had purposely intended to emancipate herself from her people, culture, and anything that would be a reminder of who she really was. 

Even as a Christian, this camouflaging way of life went undetected for many years, and although she was more than happy to give up her roots, she never imagined that the self-inflicting death she imposed upon herself would lead to her own breakdown.

God would now have her undivided attention with a truth that would rock her world. Twenty years later, she would learn that her destiny was hidden in her history.

To The Reader:

If you ever had a whirlwind of events shattered all your dreams, your hopes, and the world as you knew it. If the carpet was ever pulled from under your feet, then you are at the right place, at the right time.

It is not merely coincidence that brought you to this page. We were predestined by God to meet today. Jeremiah 29:11 says, for I know the thoughts I think toward you says the Lord; thoughts to give you a future and a hope . . .

As I share my life with you, please understand that it is only through the strength and grace of God that I outlived the storms in my life. There were many days that I wanted to concede defeat but something in the city of my soul would not let go of my Father's promises. 

When you are on the brink of a disaster, God is on the brink of a miracle. Hold on to your dreams and keep believing; for God is the dream Maker who makes all our dreams possible.

Today, I ask you to take my hand and journey with me. I will show you victory over adversity, comfort to dispel sorrow, and the beautiful and precious power of forgiveness. Hi, I'm Narda Goodson and this is my story . . .

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