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The Mayor With The Flair

"The Mayor With The Flair"

by Narda Goodson Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

The Mayor with the “flair

That’s who they know him to be

Voted Texoma’s best dressed man

by Herald Democrat’s readers in the Year 2003

Most popular and liked

In Texoma Living

Yet, a simple Cowboy, Mavericks fan

With 80 years of giving

The Mayor with the “flair”

Looking good we must confess

What’s the secret people always ask

He didn’t eat the processed mess

Just Snicker Bars, some weenies

A country steak, potato fan

For eighty years

Good God Almighty,

You’re a fine looking man!

You mean to tell me

No vitamins, no medicine, no “helps” 

along the way

That’s right, you heard me loud and


Now, that’s the Goodson way

The Mayor with the “flair

That’s who they know him to be

But I know him much deeper than that

You see, he’s very dear to me

A man who stands tall

A man who is wise

In courage to triumph

A hero in my eyes

From the Depression to Segregation

To white and black fountains and through the back doors

Yet, the obscure future did not stop him from dreaming

He opened up five stores

He outlived partiality, hypocrisy, atrocity

Came out the victor at the end

Never losing an ounce of his sanity

Humility and integrity were his comrade and friends

You see, he did not find the need to cheat

Dupe or con a brother

His skills and wits were enough to take him through

And the color of his skin wasn’t a bother

In the Air Force and Army

He led through tough strides

Sergeant Major in both units

He retired with pride

From Korea to Vietnam

And the end of WWII

From the jungles, swamps, and mountains

He fought for the red, white, and blue

From the Black Crackers in baseball

To the Chicago Cubs, number sixty-two

Master electrician and military communications specialist

A graduate from Lincoln High too

University of San Francisco

A bachelor’s degree from Bishop College

With a degree in pharmacy

He graduated with a lot of knowledge

For KNOK-AM Dallas

He’s a sports journalist and radio host

Editor and founder of The Southwest Sporting News Really, I’m not trying to boast

Achieved a business management degree

Wrote columns for the Dallas Express

There’s so much more to the Mayor with the “flair” He’s clothed with inner success

Served in twenty-two plus committees

Much time he’s afford

Always found the time to commit

To children and crisis boards

The Mayor with the “flair”

Makes his school rounds every week

You’ll find the students gathering

They want to hear him speak

“I’m number one!”

They always shout

And when he’s around

There is never a pout

If you look very closely

You’ll find him busy down on a city street

Trust me, his workers know

That he can run like an athlete

He can fly like a butterfly

And sting like a bee

One of his EMT workers will tell you

He can hit like Mohammed Ali

He’s a husband, a father, a brother

A mentor, a judge, and a friend

But you’ll never find a Mayor with the “flair

Who’s as true of a friend to the end

Those of you who really know him

Know that I speak the truth

Not just because he’s my husband

Or because I wish to toot

He’s the Mayor with the “flair

Looking good with his cowboy hat

Bolo, boots, and collar stays

But as you can see, he’s much more than


A politician, mathematician,

A scientist, historian, and teacher

He’s a walking, talking encyclopedia

Never knowing he’d marry a preacher

The Mayor with the “flair

He’s as smooth as he can be

Talk about the romantic side

He’s a true master of all three

Three? What three?

Did I hear you say three?

Yes, folks

I’m fixing to tell you all about three

He’s a husband, provider, protector

A man of noble propriety

A man of position and prayer

The greatest security

He’s romantic, passionate

And seasoned with flavor

A man who understands his wife

Never causing unnecessary labor

Did I hear a gasp

A hush or a shy?

If you read the Book of Solomon

You’ll understand the tie

That binds a man and a woman

In love so sincere

That the doors are closed to any and all

Of those who’d interfere

The Mayor with the “flair

Yes, Bill Goodson this is true

You’re not an imaginary legend

For truly your life has spoken for you

As you can probably tell

I can go on and on

But I will now conclude this poetry

With my cowboy’s favorite song

“I Cross My Heart”

By George Strait

Dedicated to my husband on his 80th Birthday Celebration April 2009 * Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved

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