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About Sandra G. Garcia

Sandra Grace Garcia

Intercessory Leader

Spanish Interpreter & Transcriber

Sandra Grace Garcia born in Ensenada, Mexico, came into this world being born inside of a car in the middle of the road. Since the time of her birth, she has survived 11 miraculous death encounters.

Sandra was married for 15 long years and has been a widow for 15 years, as her husband passed away in an accidental death at the age of 35. Since then, she has since been on her own with her children.

Sandra is the mother of 3 daughters who were also miracle babies from birth and 1 grandson. She is currently the primary caretaker of her youngest special needs child that has faced many medical complications her entire life. However, she has resolved that through the hardships, it has been nothing less than GOD’s hand of love, mercy, and grace that has kept her. Sandra believes deeply that if God could save her from death these many times it is only because He has purpose and destiny in mind.

Sandra was a non-practicing Catholic who had only heard of GOD but had never heard of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. After hearing the Gospel message preached in 1993, Sandra received Jesus Christ into her heart.

In 2006, Sandra was led by the Holy Spirit to plant her roots in a local church family in California where she currently resides. Sandra is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish and English, Spanish being her primary language. She has been developing the gift of writing for over 17 years.

Today, she is passionate about her Creator God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit and she is moving forward in her pursuit of who Christ is. As a follower of His Kingdom, she seek GOD daily as sharing Jesus everywhere has become her life’s mission. One of her favorite Scripture is Psalm 144:1 (NIV) - Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.

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