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  Reserve Narda for Your Next Speaking Engagement

 Preaching & Teaching

Want a night filled with the anointing power and move of the Holy Ghost?

God has provided Narda with many opportunities to teach and speak into the hearts of many people with the life-changing message of the Gospel. She is an incredible testimony and witness of the effectual and powerful redeeming work of Yeshua (Jesus) and teaches that in spite of a person's upbringing, personal history, social class, or past mistakes, God has a place for them and can help them on their journey to where Dreams Do Come True.

Whether you have a SPECIAL THEME or just simply want to reserve Narda, simply click the event button below. You will be redirected to the request page.

 Meet Wounded Wendy

"I'm Not Supposed To Tell"

Lyrics & Music by Narda Goodson

Five year old Wound Wendy looks like your typical and average little girl. She likes the things most little girls do and has a heart as big as the universe. 

Wounded Wendy can usually be found reading and playing with her dolly. At other times, you'll find her playing her favorite dress up game. 

You'll just love to hear her popping to her favorite tunes, which makes her very happy, that is, until she begins to resonate the melodious grim sounds of the heart-throbbing, forbidden song, "I'm Not Supposed to Tell".

Although Wounded Wendy holds the disposition of an everyday amiable, lovable, peppy five year old, deep down, Wounded Wendy hides some very dark secrets.

 Meet Granny MeeMaw

Granny MeeMaw. A hoot who is certain 

to take you on the train ride of your life. 

Hang on to your seats as Granny MeeMaw delivers humorously captivating storytelling using everyday life to teach Biblical truths.

Sometimes, you'll see the faults in Granny MeeMaw and sometimes you'll experience her growth and maturity. There are times that you might even see yourself in her, since she has a way of mirroring how we "really" behave under pressure and hard circumstances.

Granny MeeMaw will definitely propel you to take a closer look at yourself and how one's "reaction" to life's circumstances and to people can have grave or rewarding consequences.

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