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About Angela C. Greenwood

Angela C. Greenwood

Ministry Assistant / International Outreach Ambassador

German Interpreter & Transcriber

Angela C. Klocksiem Greenwood was born 1978 in El Paso, Texas, and was raised Catholic in Warendorf, Germany. She came to Christ at the age of 22 through Christliches Zentrum Muenster (a non-denominational church). Baptized April 17, 2003, she diligently served her church community hosting bible studies, joining church choir and developing an earnest hunger for wisdom and revelation.

At the age of 25, she returned to El Paso, Texas and became a member of Destiny Family Christian Center, organizing and participating in church events and assisting in children’s bible study. At the age of 32, Angela became a member of Abundant Living Faith Center, a mega church under the Leadership of Pastors Charles and Rochelle Nieman. 

Angela volunteered in Christmas plays and joined the women’s small ministry bible studies. She served as guest speaker at small ministry group events, has translated songs from English to German, and developed a burning desire to become an asset in the development of God’s kingdom.

In October 2011, Angela joined Predestined by God, a women’s ministry website, founded by Narda Goodson. Devoted to be a servant, Angela accepted God’s calling over her life to become the assistant administrator to Pastor Narda Goodson.

Angela has blogged, joined groups, participated in discussions, volunteered as a greeter, encourager, co-pastor, intercessor and has engaged fervently performing various other duties in the administrative service of ministry. She hosts and leads private bible studies for adults and children, growing with the ministry in Christ Jesus.

She has provided private council, intercession, conferences, and operated in the prophetic ministry to Pastors and Ministers around the world. She has devoted her life to serving the one true God, so that the world will come to know that God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

While enduring trials and tribulations in life, Angela has stood on the solid rock in Jesus, because in times of affliction, she states “It is during our times of pressure due to circumstances that we receive the prime opportunity to act on faith. We can speak and believe when the entire world sees travail, waiting, expecting and God delivers the miracles.”

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