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Domestic DiVa House

D.I.V.A. - Damsels In Virtuous Attire

Domestic DiVa is for the women of all hats. Whether single or married, a mother, a widow, a sister, a daughter, or a friend, Domestic DiVa exist to inspire and nurture women from all walks of life.

Are you a woman of many hats? If you are, then Domestic DiVa is the right place for you!

Domestic DiVa is for women who want to be true to themselves. Domestic DiVa provides fundamental truths from God's Word for inspiration, learning, growing, and connecting the Real You to a Real God.

Domestic DiVa is an online resource committed to developing and nurturing every area of a women's life. 

If you're not, GUESS WHAT????

It's still the right place for you!!! This only means that you have wisdom that can help and inspire many of us who are still living in this crazy world trying to meet the demands of family, work, life, and then ME. Yes, I said "ME", and I left it for last on purpose because many times that's what we do with our personal lives. We leave ourselves for last not realizing the truth that if "Mama ain't happy then nobody is". You've got to take care of you!

Realistically speaking (or writing), how many of us really don't have or take the time for investing personal playtime? Work, work, work! Like Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, you've become a full time taxi driver chauffeuring the kids around. The cooking, the laundry, the house, the list goes on and on. By the end of the day, you're exhausted and worn out.

God doesn't want us to be worn out at the end of each day but refreshed, restored, and renewed. At the end of each day, we should be left with a sense of victory knowing that we succeeded and accomplished our tasks successfully and productively.

Through Domestic DiVa, we will learn tips on how to stay above the waters and soar like the Lord intended all while multi-tasking.

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