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My tongue . . .

is a pen of a ready writer, and once again, my heart is inditing and overflowing with a good theme ... healing!

What a wonderful and magnificent Father we have that is always concerned about our health and emotional related issues.

I want to encourage you concerning the topic "healing"; for many have are battling and yes, some even secretly struggling in this arena for a long time. While some are wondering if God has forgotten or if He even cares at all, many have given up the fight and have just simply settled and accepted their condition as final. But today, I wish to speak hope into your heart and awaken the faith that has slumbered in doubt.

Healing is the process of curing or becoming well. The word “health” deals with the general condition of something in terms of soundness, vitality, and proper functioning. However, it is also a word that is often connected with the absence of well-being and the presence of illness. Unfortunately, we only get one body in this life and how we take care of it can determine its longevity and performance.

But we are not just physical bodies walking around. According to Genesis 1, bodies are lifeless without the breath of God. It is when He breathed into Adam’s nostril the breath of life that man became a living soul – a walking, talking, breathing and thinking individual.

When God looks at us, He sees us from a three dimensional point of view. We are three dimensional; we are a spirit (the real you/the inner man), we have a soul (mind, will, and emotions), and we live in a body (our earthly house). He is very much concerned about the soulish and physical part of us as He is about the spiritual.

Our impaired or unsound conditions (whether emotional or physical) challenge us on a daily basis and can consume and overwhelm us to a breaking point that CAN and WILL make us sicker if they are ignored. Heartbreak and loss are typical examples of how we can suffer mental and emotional strain which may cause symptoms as raised blood pressure (a physical manifestation) and anxiety or depression which are both physical and emotional manifestations of a wounded soul.

There are many who have been emotionally damaged, yet these same people wake up day to day, go to work and pretend that nothing has ever happened or by the least try to. Oh, sometimes we perform and look good on the outside. We hide behind the mask of beauty, make-up, wealth, prestige and even by the clothes we wear and the cars we drive. But deep inside we are craving and longing to escape the beast that haunts and wreaks havoc in our relationships, self-esteem, home, and work…shall I continue? We lose ourselves in the pretentious world we have created only to be mocked by the cruel and agonizing memories that pirouettes in our moments of solitude.

Many of us are either in a storm, coming out of a storm or about to enter into a storm so allow me to direct your life to the Master of the Sea. When the turbulent storms of your life leave you flustered and wiped-out remember that the Father never teaches his children how to swim to then let them drown.

I believe that Jesus is now knocking on the doors of your heart. He wants to touch the broken places of your life and bring a final end to the inexhaustible attacks that have invaded your life for years. He wants to heal you inside out!

He is the Great Physician Jesus went about healing all that were sick and oppressed and in the following Scriptures (Psalm 30:2, 91:6, 103:3), Healing is a PROMISE that belongs to us today…… So take your GosPiLL and see what happens.

He has been the Captain of my ship, my SOS in times of trouble, my Compass and the Lighthouse when I lose my way in the obscurity of the night. Let Him be yours. For He loves you very much.

When everything else fails .... try Jesus! Hallelujah!!!

Remember . . . NO TEST, no testimony.

Eternally His,

Narda Goodson

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