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Chapter 4

"Brooklyn, My Spiritual Egypt: My Encounter with Prominence"

It was that summer afternoon, in the famous Penn Station, that I met a young man whom I will name "Prominence". If you look around today, you can still find him hanging out on the corners of "Rebellion Street" and "Delusion Boulevard" of every city. 

Prominence is a very well known but arrogant legend. From his cathedra flows infamy and unhealthy ideologies. He stems from the root of Pride and can be found in the atrocious dumps of drug infested places to the polished palaces in the uttermost parts of the world. His exaggerated view of self-importance is warped and inconceivably perverted. 

While his job requirements are many-sided, it is very specific in nature. His primary targets are the abandoned and abused young ones. Children who received little to no validation or affirmation from their parents become the object of his corrupt and immoral affection. He lures you with articulated speech that is filled with fallacious kindness and deadly poison; nothing wholesome can be found in him.

He feeds on the degradation of your past, and his strength totally depends on your inability to recognize your true value. His relentless pursuit of wounded females that possess elevated levels of deficiency in self-worth satisfies his untamed hunger until you become the mark of his cruel abusive language and the tormented victim of his never-ending mercy.

Once ensnared, you are quickly dragged into the melancholic sludge of your depression; finally, you are yoked and quelled into a chagrined state of unavoidable disconsolation. 

Prominence's Mother--Supercilious:

One of his mother's names is "Supercilious". She is the part of you that lurks silently in the background of your mind, that is, until the rise of the titan. When the stage lights are on her, she wastes no time to perform her gaudy cabaret. Her exhibition can be found entertaining by others quite like her. 

Her greatest enemy is the Consuls. Though she is able to exert considerable force, she lacks the capability of being emotionally resilient in a positive way. Needless to say, she is uncultivated and unrestrained; her traditions will always pilot you off-course because she never takes advice. She is bossy, quick tempered, ill-mannered, and vastly unpolished. 

You must be careful when dealing with Supercilious, for she is ruthless and contemptuously indifferent; she is filled with hate and awfully condescending. She is without doubt disloyal and won't give it a second thought to abandon you in your greatest hour of need. You do not want her as your companion.

By the time Prominence and Supercilious are finished with you, you are left alone to waste away, craving and seeking for love in all the wrong place. You become desperate just like the drug addict, always needing that quick fix.

My enemy knew me all too well and could not wait to further lead me into his web of deception. He was aware of the scars of disdain and emptiness I carried over the years. Oh, how I longed for love. I yearned for it; for once in my life, I wanted to know what it would feel like to be the center of someone's world.

As he did his notorious smooth talking, his quite frequent compliments caused me to blush. I had never been told that I was beautiful so much in one day. What did he see? Was I really that pretty? When I looked into the mirror, all I could see was failure, complete failure. But here he was telling me all the things I had longed to hear.

The words he spoke that afternoon uplifted me in a way I had never experienced before. I could sense the pride brewing on the inside; something I do not recall ever feeling. The effects were like taking drugs for the first time and I was feeling really good.

With the right words to say, it did not take much flattery to captivate my parched and fading soul. And so, my compliant and spellbound spirit was easily hoodwinked, as he somehow convinced me that I could get a career in modeling and dancing. With the body of a dancer and a pretty face, I could earn lots of money. I took his card and told him I would consider it.

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