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 The Sequel Continues

Chapter 27: The Abraham Walk

A major turn of events had now taken place. After facing many intense and spiritual battles in New York and coping with a failing marriage, I thought I was being presumptuous when I booked a one-way ticket to Georgia. I would later discover God had allowed a spiritual whirlwind to take place causing me to make what many thought to be an ‘imprudent jump'.

I was scared as I somehow felt in my heart that I would not return to New York. How would I survive when I got to Georgia? I had little money and three girls to look after. 

But this was my “Abraham Walk.” God was calling me out of the familiar and into the unknown. He was asking me to give up everything; the house, the marriage, the school, my friends, my goals, my dreams and ultimately my life as I had known it to be.

I was instructed to gather my most important documents and I was only allowed to take one luggage and my laptop; it was the same for the children.

I asked the Lord how I was to get all my shoes into the one bag; surely my shoes alone would require a luggage or two, but I heard again, only one luggage.

My heart was thumping as we quickly packed in the dark; for up to now we still had no lights. He was due to pass by soon and I wanted to be gone to avoid any altercation.

I was too scared to cry as we made our way to the airport. We got there only to find that our flight had been canceled for the next day. I knew we could not go home, so I asked the girls to get ready for a long and uncomfortable night. We pulled the chained seats together and it became our bed.

When we finally got on the plane the next day, I wondered how life would turn out. I was now a single mother with three children. What would become of us?

Join us as we continue our faith adventures in the sequel, When My Life Struck Twelve and the film The Reaper.

In this sequel, you will encounter our adventures in the House of Prophets, crazy mission trips, humility classes, miracles, an amazingly powerful Brook of Cherith experience, and a path that leads me all the way into arms of my kinsman redeemer, my   21st Century Boaz.

You will be shocked with the twists and turn of events that unfold in this real life story. God's plan is concrete, solid, and complete. If you just simply obey, you will find that your noble choices will lead you to be at the right place at the right time.

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