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Dreams Do Come True ... and that's NO FAIRYTALE!

"My 21st Century Boaz"

Mi Amor, the One I Love, My Husband Bill -

Our life has been a love story from the moment we met. You are my 21st century Boaz and my kinsman redeemer. I know that I have been creatively designed and anointed to be your woman because my past was preparing and teaching me how to love you.

As our yesterdays have prepared us for our today and our tomorrows, together, let us make our mark on God's historical timeline.

You are an amazing person to know and I am honored to be your wife. The humility that flows from your heart causes you to stand tall and in my eyes, you will always be my hero and my champion. Thank you for all the love and support you showed me during the writing of this book. I could not have done it without you. Truly, the Lord has given me beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning, and peace for despair.

To My daughters, My Anointed Arrows

Sade, Shanette, and Shayna

Being your mother has been the greatest calling in my life. It has been rewarding to watch you develop over the years and blossom into the beautiful young ladies you are today.

You have been my inspiration during the times I wanted to give up and concede defeat. But I have battled and defeated the many giants in the land so that you can now enter into the promises of the kingdom and enjoy the spoils. Now you will face new horizons but conquer the impossibilities and allow the challenges of life to make you and not break you; for our trials only come to make us strong. When you are tested, take courage, when you are faced with opposition, fight tenaciously, and when you are persecuted and ostracized remember God has already given you the victory.

"I prophesy and declare you to be women of virtue and of excellence. You shall stand before the great and the noble to declare the Word of the Lord. You shall increase in wisdom and blossom in prosperity. Your voices shall be as the sounds of many trumpets and your gifts will make room for you.  

I call you Anointed Arrows, God’s massive tool that will wreak havoc on the kingdom of darkness. As I pass the baton, fight the good fight of faith and let no man take your crown. Fix your eyes on the prize and run this race with patience; for this race is not for the strong and mighty but only for those who endure to the end.

May your loins be swathed in truth, your heart engrossed with honesty and sincerity. Wisdom shall be your crown of glory and your lips oiled in pureness. Let your neck be laced with sound wisdom and discretion and your posture fortified in confidence. Stand for righteousness, love genuinely, pray fervently, serve with humility and give with simplicity."

Stand for something so that you do not fall for anything.

DREAM my daughters, BELIEVE the impossible, and LIVE in expectancy for with God ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE

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