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About Dr. Lucielle Green

Dr. Lucielle Green

Ministry Advisory Council


Lucille Green has an extensive and diverse Nursing experience encompassing various health care delivery settings. She has gained comprehensive training and experience as an Advanced Practice Nurse in Mental Health environments, with responsibilities in prescribing medications and treatments, under joint protocol for psychiatric populations under a practice agreement with a collaborating physician.

Lucille has excellent assessment, diagnostic, and treatment planning abilities as well as strong clinical, patient, patient, and professional relations and problem solving skills.

Lucille Green is experienced in Brief therapy for individuals, families, crisis intervention and support therapies/group therapy: she leads for example, Domestic Violence Group.


BSN - Herbert Lehman College 1978 - Bronx, New York.

MSN - Columbia University 1993, Bronx, New York - Nurse Clinical Specialist.

Post Graduate study - Rutgers University 1995 - Newark New Jersey – Pharmacology.

Post Graduate study - Family Therapy Institute 1994 - Metuchen New Jersey - Family Therapy.

Board Certified Christian Counselor Diplomat – United Association Of Christian Chaplains and

Counselors International (College of Graduate Studies Department) -2006.

Doctor of Divinity - United Graduate Theological Seminary – 2006.

At the Hackensack, NJ Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry Lucille Green treats adults and geriatric population performing Psychiatric Evaluation and Psychiatric Medication Management.  

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