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About Bishop, Dr. Michael A. Frith, Sr.

Bishop/Dr. Michael A. Frith, Sr.

Ministry Advisory Council


Bishop Frith is a native born Jamaican who resides in the state of Connecticut. He attended Camperdown High School and Mico Practicing School in Kingston, Jamaica. He is an anointed, dynamic, ordained Pastor, Evangelist, Seminary-Teacher, Professor, Lecturer, Radio and Television host, and a Servant of God who flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and operates in the five-fold ministry with an apostolic mantle.

He is a passionate advocate for souls, and one who believes in winning the lost at any cost. Bishop Frith is the Presiding Prelate of the Family of Christ C.O.G. Ministries Intl. Inc. Bishop Frith brings a powerful prophetic message of hope and deliverance, both to the laity and the leadership of the church. His timely messages crosses cultural barriers and reaches the heart of the hearer. He is renowned in the area of church leadership, spiritual warfare and deliverance, and is widely sought after for seminars, workshops, counseling and discussions on these subjects.

He has traveled extensively preaching and teaching the Word of God in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, U.K., Africa and the Caribbean. He has a passion for ministry, and believes that the church is an empowerment center, furnished with the resources of God to train and develop mighty men and women of the Kingdom. He is the Founder and President of the Family of Christ Theological Seminary. He is also the vice president of Canon University. Dr. Frith is also the author of, A Man After God’s Own Heart, and Armed And Extremely Dangerous..

In addition to overseeing churches in the U.K., the Caribbean, Africa and the Continental U.S., he is also the Founder, Senior Pastor and Overseer of the Family of Christ Ministries International Inc. (Bronx, N.Y.). He is a Profound Bible teacher and expositor, a sound theologian, a dynamic evangelist and dedicated pastor. He has served selflessly and faithfully in his community for over twenty years, and has touched and changed many lives.

Dr. Frith holds a Bachelors degree in Theology; a Masters in Religious Education; Doctorate in Divinity, a Doctorate in Theology & Christian Education, and a Doctorate in Philosophy and Theology. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and an international chaplain. He holds membership in The International College of Pentecostal Bishops, The International Council of Charismatic Bishops, and the Independent Council of Pentecostal Bishops. Dr. Frith is also the founder and president of Kingdom United Ecclesiastic reform Counsel. He has been happily married for 41 years to Pastor Lydia A. Frith, and is the proud father of five children, ages 31 to 40.

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