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About Jenny Jo Bingham

Jenny Jo Bingham

Conference Coordinator

Conference Coordinator

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Jenny Jo Bingham, CEO of Indelible Publications and Founder of Inspire the Fire (ITF), is an ordained minister, author of Focused on the Master – Not the Messenger, editor, publisher, songwriter, singer and musician. She was born and raised in Whittier, California. She has had a relationship with Christ for as long as she can remember and she knew from a very young age that her goal in life was to serve the Lord with all her heart and in all areas of her life.

At the age of fourteen, Jenny Jo was already serving on the worship team, involved in children’s ministry, and serving as a Youth Leader in her local church. She had her heart set on attending an Ivy League University and was even scouted for scholarships to attend, when she felt God stirring her in another direction. She knew God did not want her to choose that route (knowing she would be so driven by success that she would lose sight of God), but not knowing anything else (as she prepared for that future her whole life) she lost direction.

It was not very long after that she found herself married to a pastor and planting a Spanish-speaking church in California. However, pastoring was not everything she imagined it to be. Married, to a “pastor-gone-bad”, and after four kids and three separations from her abusive and cheating husband, she was finally free. Although, not thrilled with the reality of “divorce”, she was incredibly grateful for the new gift of life she was given, and now, as a single mother with four very small children, God filled their every need and the years to follow were nothing short of incredible.

With her children alongside her, she served the next 10 years in Praise & Worship, Teaching Sunday School, Children’s Ministry, Vacation Bible School, on the Evangelism and Prayer Teams and served as Church Administrator. She learned to never underestimate the power of an amazing, loving and encouraging Church Body.

In 2006, she moved to Oklahoma for a little more than a year where she launched Inspire the Fire in 2007. It started as an E-Zine email just a few short articles in length, later becoming a social network and now is a published Christian Magazine. It also was the springboard for the launch of Indelible Publications (launched in 2011 on her return to California), which now edits, and publishes books and magazines from writers across the globe. Although publishing is currently at the forefront of the ministry, at the very heart of it all is MISSIONS; supporting and sending missionaries through prayer, donations and fundraising.

In 2008, she married Jason Bingham, who she dated on her first move to Oklahoma (when God says go… just GO… He knows what is waiting for you!). They lived the next 5 years in California before God began to stir their hearts to return to Oklahoma. After suffering through some personal losses in the previous years, it was very hard to say goodbye to all she held dear. It did not so much feel like she was losing “everything” as much as it felt like she was losing “all she had left”. Although it was a heart breaking decision, she knew God was at the center of it (again, when God says “go”…), so they packed up and left. It was a difficult transition but after finding themselves at “home” in their new church at Common Ground in Tulsa, Oklahoma (with just the right DNA match!) things were beginning to look up. They plan to attend Explore Nations Bible College as a family in the Fall of 2015 and are very excited to see what the Lord has planned for them.

Jenny has also teamed up alongside of Narda Goodson (who has become a highly esteemed mentor to Jenny, as well an inspiring contributor to the ITF magazine) as a Conference Coordinator and knows that there will be much more intertwining of their ministries in the future… this is just the beginning!