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About Luz M. Bingham

Luz M. Bingham

Teen Ministry Leader / Jr. Administrator

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Luz Marina is a teenager on fire for God!  She is a dreamer and goal setter.  Her motto is dream big, believe it, and achieve it! Luz was born and raised in Whittier, California, and comes from a huge family that desires to chase after God’s heart.  She cannot recall a moment in her life where she was apart from God.  Luz has always had God in her life growing up, thanks to her mom and Children’s Pastor, Jennifer Bingham.  As she began to grow older she started plugging into her local church.

For many years, she has worked within the children’s ministries. When she was fourteen, Luz became the children’s leader/teacher.  She was in charge of putting together everything needed to have a successful children’s church.  As much as she loved working with kids, she has also served in other areas including media, greeting, worship, youth ministries, and so much more.  Luz has always had a desire to serve in God’s kingdom.

Ever since she was five years old, Luz knew deep in her heart that she was called to ministry.  Growing up many pastors, evangelist, missionaries, leaders of the church, family and friends have confirmed the calling that she felt was placed on her life.  In September 2015,  Luz will be attending XploreNations Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Once she graduates from high school, she plans on attending Oral Roberts University as well.

Her life's goal is to represent God in every way so that she can be a tool God uses to bring people to salvation.  Luz wants to become a pastor and plant churches all over the world.  Her first mission’s trip will be to Honduras July 13th-20th of 2015, and she plans on attending more mission’s trips in the future.

Luz is a part of many ministries like Inspire the Fire, a Christian magazine where she serves as one of its writers.  She is an active blogger and is in the process of writing her first book.  She has taken courses in graphic design and is trained in making and editing videos.   Luz is an avid Christian YouTuber. Some of her passions include photography, theater arts, playing music, singing, dancing, painting and volunteering in her community.

Luz has always been a natural leader. Through elementary and all the way through high school she has always been involved in student government and has been an active leader in the Christian Clubs on campus.  Determined to overcome any obstacles put in her way, Luz is determined to become the women of God she is called to be.  She believes that despite what past we may come from, God has incredible things in store for our future.