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About Michelle Hawthorne

Michelle Hawthorne

National Public Relations / Ministry Spokeswoman

 Intercessory Prayer Team

Michelle’s first encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ while in high school was profoundly powerful, she abandoned all else for the glory of Christ Jesus her Lord.

Michelle grew up in a somewhat religious home where none of her immediate family had yet accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. When she announced her desire to be baptized, her God-fearing grandmother quickly granted her request. Upon receiving water baptism, the power, fire, and anointing of Almighty God was summarily unleashed upon her potently.

​At the tender age of 16, she began having angelic visitations and visions and powerful encounters with the Holy Ghost. In lucidity, she’d hear the whispers of the Spirit of God directing her and admonishing her “this is the way walk ye therein".

She ate, gourmandized on the Word of God ferociously and relentlessly with an insatiable appetite that would not quell. The more she read is the more intense her hunger for the Word, power, and revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ developed. And as she developed, the “lowly Nazarene” began to emerge.

At a young age, she was known as a fearless warrior. With boldness, tenacity and adamant faith in the power, and strength and armor of the Lord God Mighty in battle, she gallantly fought off and drove back powerful demonic agents that would attack her church, family and community.

Michelle has endured the ravishes, the onslaughts, gins, and snares of the wicked one by and through the mighty “crotos” of Almighty God that works in her both to will and do His good pleasures.

This fortified, fearless, victorious woman of God’s mission is “my meat is to do my father’s will, oh, that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, being made conformable unto his death”. She quips with eyes ablaze and is replete with the potent, powerful love, and reverence of the Lord.

Michelle has now been released by Almighty God to testify of the mighty and delivering power of our God. To preach, teach, empower the body of our Lord Jesus Christ through His inherent Word, intercession, and the prophetic.

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