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Change Comes With Correction

When they want you to keep it "nice". No #Correction. No rebuke. Nothing but sweet "nothings" that won't #Challenge you, #Convict you or #Change you. Guess what? I'm not helping you if I water down the truth. You'll be #Cute but #Careless. #Conditioned but not #Conformed. Don't you know that before you can receive GOD 's direction to where He's leading you, you'll need His #Correction? I'm not here to tickle anybody's ears. I know my #Commission, and I understand my #Calling. I'm not seeking the #Committee's approval. I'm on a Kingdom assignment that has already been approved by the #Counsel of the Holy Ghost. Either you flow, or you go.


Let me encourage those of you who are a voice on the front line of standing #Critics. Open your mouth, and GOD will fill it. Open your mouth and speak what "thus saith the LORD!" You may not be #Celebrated, but your #Commitment to the One who #Called you must supersede any and all thoughts, opinions, imaginations and all who #Contradict and oppose the #Cross. You are a #Carrier of Jesus' Light. Your life is a #Conduit by which He will reach the #Castaway. For His Word in your mouth will be like a fire lit #Canon set loose to set the #Captives free.


As He told Jeremiah in #Chapter 1, so say I to you. Be of good #Courage! "For even when they #Conspire, #Convene, and #Calibrate against you, I the LORD will #Cover you under the shadow of My wings. For the enemy is a #Cannibal. But I have #Capsuled your life in my Blood, and you will walk in the midst of the #Crooked, even those with a #Crocodile-like spirit, whose #Campfires are filled with the #Carcasses of those they have #Chewed with their tongues and #Crushed with their teeth. But I will use you as a #Candle's lit in the midst of gross darkness, and like Harriet Tubman, you will lead #Caravans of souls out of the pits of sin. You will go into the enemy's #Camp and lead them out. For I am the LORD of Hosts, and it is I, that goes before you. I the LORD have spoken it." May the LORD bless this Word and may it minister to wherever He is sending it. In Jesus' Name. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to His people. ~Narda Goodson, Daily Doses of Gospel "PiLLs". Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.


‪#‎IveGotAMustardSeedAndImNotAfraidTUseIt‬ ‪#‎JesusIsLord‬

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