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Every #DREAM (Vision) that GOD gives to us is an anointed mission. The acronym for D.R.E.A.M., as the Holy Spirit gave it to me one day, is Developing the Reality of Every Anointed Mission.

When that which we are called to do for GOD’s Kingdom is #DELIVERED to us by the Creator, it is every #disciple’s responsibility to begin the process to #DISCOVER, #DEFINE, and #DEVELOP it.

Many of you have been wondering and asking, "LORD, what is it that you want me to do?". Take a good look at what is in your hand.

When the LORD ask Moses what was in his hand, Moses replied, "A rod/staff/stick". I am certain that it was no fancy, polished, sculptured staff like the ones in Pharoah’s house but a crooked looking rough one at best.

No matter how small your stick may look right now, if you place it in GOD's hand, it becomes a powerful apparatus for His Kingdom. Your rod may be uncultivated, rough on the edges, funny looking, and probably not a whole lot to look at in the beginning.

But when you have #DISCOVERED your stick, stretching it out in faith will begin the cultivating process. The more it cultivates the more #definition will surface because the LORD will begin to give it shape and form.

Once the #DEFINING process is complete, it makes room for the #DEVELOPMENT of your stick because by now, you will have discovered the purpose for your anointed piece of weapon.

Whatever is in your hand? Use it by stretching it out. Your stick will be used as a point of contact that GOD will use to #deliver people and cross them over to the other side and as you do, you will see the miracle take place. ~2020 Narda Goodson, 2014 Daily Doses of Gospel "PiLLs", Dream In 3D

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