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Let Your Faith Write an Indelible Mark. One That Cannot Be Erased:

Their father was dead. They had no brothers and were about to lose their only inheritance that was to be taken from them and divided among the men. The five daughters of Zelophehad are facing a crisis. They are about to lose their future!


Despite the present condition of their situation, these women made a decision to take their lives into their own hands. The text reads, “They came forward”. These five women dared to come out of their imposed “assigned” place in society. You see, in those days, women had no authority and remained often close to their own tents and family. They were not heard and often out of sight. But oh, not these five lives. These five knew Who to go to, and they allowed their crisis to lead them to the place of supreme Authority. The place where the Ark of the Covenant rested.


These women knew their GOD, and yet, without being summoned, they made haste to where the Ark of the Tabernacle of the LORD rested as the whole tribe of Israel encamped around it. With boldness and courage, they stepped into the place where the authority figures, which were all men, sat. Here, the priest, the high-ranking officials, its leaders and Moses all congregated. Imagine how intimidating this move must have been for them. Imagine greater how the men must have reacted as they saw them coming. Yet purpose drew them to this place. The Scriptures tells us this is the place the sisters came to claim their rights.


With evidence to support their claim for their land, these women, not only know GOD, but they are very astute in history and in law. They came fully loaded. They understood that in order for the progression of their family to continue, it was going to depend on the inheritance of the land. And so, in their compelling argument, they use the fact that their father Zelophehad was not involved in Korah’s rebellion.


Their insight and discernment also points out that the unfair present law was not taking into consideration the unusual circumstance of a man without sons. Though the LORD Himself had personally given Moses the instructions to call the census and divide the inheritance amongst the men, these sisters possessed great wisdom of this omission. Can you imagine that? Here were five women coming to plead to Moses about the unfairness of the law that GOD Himself had enacted.


Moses in turn does not turn them away. Knowing that GOD is just, he turns to Him for direction and brings their case before GOD. I love this part! The LORD responds by lovingly and justly enacting a permanent law that secures, not only their claim, but the rights of any future daughter in such a case. The courageous move of these sisters to refuse to place the right of their destiny in the hand of others is a compelling story that should encourage us today.


Whose hands are you placing your destiny in? Is it the hands of religion, tradition, culture, man? We had better recognize like the five daughters of Zelophehad and refuse to give others the right to impose on our destinies, our future, our purpose, our calling.


Refuse to let people tell you that GOD cannot use you, for the Book of Acts 2:17 says that in the last days GOD will pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh; upon men and women and they SHALL PROPHESY.


The five daughters of Zelophehad did not cower away in the shadows of fear, and because they knew their GOD, their act of boldness left a legacy that moved the hand and heart of GOD to permanently covenant a law that stands today. Daniel 11:32 reads “but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” ~2015 Narda Goodson, Daily Doses of Gospel PiLLs


Scriptures to Meditate on:

Numbers 27

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