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Mr. Right Or Mr. Right Now


It doesn't matter what #prophetic words he speaks, how he makes your heart flutter and #pop in total sweetness like a #passion fruit, and how he rambles to #proclaim that you are the #perfection of beauty whose eyes are the bedazzling diamonds that flicker like the stars at night. If we don't learn these 6 Biblical #P's by now, I just can't help you��‍♀️. 

#Prayer ✅ Ruth 1:4

#Protection ✅ Ruth 1:8

#Position ✅ Ruth 1:14

#Provision ✅ Ruth 1:15

#Prosperity ✅ Ruth 1:16

#Propriety ✅ Ruth 3:12, 4

Ruth then #prepares, washes and #perfumes herself. 

She follows instructions and is #prudent enough to be #precise in caring them out .....

Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now: A closer LOOK into what Boaz had to bring to the table.

He was a man of PRAYER - "the LORD be with you"

He offered Ruth PROTECTION - "do not touch her"

He offered Ruth POSITION - "come sit with my maidens"

He offered Ruth PROVISION - "let some grain fall"

He was a man of PROPRIETY - "howbeit there is a kinsman nearer than I"

And as a result of her connection to him, she began to experience PROSPERITY.

Don't let these charming brothers blow you some cheezy smoke ladies. Let GOD turn them into men first; men of the Promise. Then you're bound to end up with Boaz instead of Bozo. ~2014 Narda Goodson

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