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Spiritual Metamorphosis

As I was in the kitchen just now making a hot cup of coffee, I saw in vision a caterpillar going through the transformation of metamorphosis. This isn't the first time the Holy Spirit has shown me this visual as it is usually followed by a prophetic utterance and/or lesson. But as I watched the cocoon dispensed upside down, I heard the Spirit of the LORD say, "While the caterpillar is transforming inside the cocoon, much activity is taking place. His body is breaking as he is taking on a new one. But before he can break free from the walls tightly surrounding him and before he can bring his entire body out, his head has to crack through the hard shell first. Once his head is out, he is able to bring the rest of his body out".

Hear what the Spirit of the LORD is saying to the pastors. "Until you allow me to break you through that hard shell of tradition and old way, you will not be able to bring the people out and into the next dimension. For the head is the first to thrust through. Until you break through the walls and barriers of tradition in your personal life like I've asked you to, you will not see the breakthrough in your ministries. You will not take the people where you have not gone and/or won't go. Whatever is on the head flows to the body". He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

~2016 Narda Goodson

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