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The Cocoon of Life

If we are not #careful, we can become #confused in the season of our tight places. The

We never know what GOD is doing and why people are where they are. If it wasn't because I had my own personal relationship and encounters with GOD, I would have gone off-track and insane following or listening to some of the #counsel people had to offer.

Your metamorphosis, hanging upside down while harnessing to the only thread that can keep you from falling to the ground encounter is a #crucial lesson you will have to pass through. This lesson #carries with it valuable treasures that prepares you to soar into your transitional stage. But you must learn to sit still long enough to hear from Heaven, endure the encasing hardship, and learn to depend solely on GOD.

If we #controlled every aspect of our lives, we wouldn't need to grow, we wouldn't need the LORD, and we surely wouldn't come to know Him as the Rescuing, Delivering GOD that He is.

In the valleys, the desert, the wilderness, and in the pits of life is where we encounter the redeeming power of #Christ and experience the miracle of His might not the mountain top. For it is in the valley that He restores the soul. ~2019 Narda Goodson

*And yes, that is my face in the video ��.

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