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The Disrobing

Let the Healing of GOD Begin -

The Disrobing:

Strip away the layers of pretense I have allowed to enveloped me. For they have now become as a heavy garment intertwined with my soul.

Tare away every line bejeweled mask I wear that are designed to really keep others from seeing the real me. When I first put them on, it was fun. For their opulent and radiant beauty drew attention. It allowed me into circles of acceptance and validation and took away the sting of my rejection.

But now, I am so buried beneath this mask I wear, I can hardly breathe. I do not even know who I really am anymore. For she has deceived me into thinking that "dress up" was for "a little while". And now, I am suffocating, subdued, and submerged beneath the cloth of Self. She has buried her treasures within the deepest parts of my soul, I cannot hear my own voice anymore.

Her colossal strongholds inveigle my mind, imbed my thoughts, and influence my behavior. My screams are silent. No one hears me.

Strip me of every fabric of this "Self" that consumes me, that keeps me from beholding the beauty of the real me You have created me to be. Release me from the clutches of her evil grip that keeps me wading in false humility, pretense, and pride.

I've been held a prisoner in my own mind, and now, GOD, I want out. Strip me and heal me, O LORD, until there is nothing to be seen in me but the glorious image of your Son. ~2015 Narda Goodson, 2007 Will The Real Me Please Stand Up

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