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The King Is Coming For You

While you were stuck in one chapter, left to suffer and live below the bar of your rightful inheritance because somebody dropped you, and as a result, left you wounded. Limited, restricted, and all of a sudden your life bound to the painful poverty stricken plains of Lodebar (be-low-the-bar of GOD's blessing), you did not know, but the king was in another chapter inquiring about you.

Somebody needs to hang on. The King is coming for you. For as David sought out to look for Mephibosheth, Jonathan's son, He is seeking you out and making His way to be a blessing to you in the midst of your situation. Be on the ‪#‎LookOut‬. ~2015 Narda Goodson


Lo Debar was such a place. The very meaning is “not having” or “no pasture.” It was a town of forgotten people including Mephibosheth, son of David's best friend Jonathan who was the son of King Saul.

‪#‎TheLordWillRescueYou‬ ‪#‎LostSheep‬ ‪#‎GodHasNotForgotten‬

Read the story of Mephibosheth below and then open your Bibles to read the rest.

Scriptures to Meditate on:

1 Samuel 9 - 1And David said, Is there yet any that is left of the house of Saul, that I may shew him kindness for Jonathan's sake? 2And there was of the house of Saul a servant whose name was Ziba. And when they had called him unto David, the king said unto him, Art thou Ziba? And he said, Thy servant is he. 3And the king said, Is there not yet any of the house of Saul, that I may shew the kindness of God unto him? And Ziba said unto the king, Jonathan hath yet a son, which is lame on his feet. 4And the king said unto him, Where is he? And Ziba said unto the king, Behold, he is in the house of Machir, the son of Ammiel, in Lodebar. 5Then king David sent, and fetched him out of the house of Machir, the son of Ammiel, from Lodebar. 6Now when Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan, the son of Saul, was come unto David, he fell on his face, and did reverence. And David said, Mephibosheth. And he answered, Behold thy servant! 7And David said unto him, Fear not: for I will surely shew thee kindness for Jonathan thy father's sake, and will restore thee all the land of Saul thy father; and thou shalt eat bread at my table continually.

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