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Reader's Testimonials

Hear what others are saying about their personal encounters after reading Will The Real Me Please Stand Up!"  It is life transforming. No matter what has broken out against you, you are destined with PURPOSE. GOD has invested treasures within you; the reason why you've been hit so hard.

~Narda Goodson
"If you ever suffered from addiction. Been abused. Suffered rejection and distrust. Felt all alone. Been sexually assaulted. Couldn't see your way out etc., Will the REAL ME Please STAND UP! is a great book of a real life experience that will be a tremendous blessing for you! This book is a heartfelt book that will touch you in your inner most being. An absolute tear jerker of the things the writer experienced and also will give you tears of her triumphant rescue and overcoming Power by God! I was truly in awe! A lot of times, we have no clue of what a person suffered or been through by just seeing them with natural eyes! I know I have experience many things coming up in life, from childhood to adult, and never knew how to break free! But surely, this book is a testimony that no matter what Hurts, Mistakes, Failures, and Disappointments, God is able turn your life around and clean you up. Redeem the time for you!  A must read for yourself or a loved one or friend! Glory to GOD!"
Cynthia Tucker - Detroit, Michigan

"Your book has brought so much healing into my life. Going through a divorce was hard enough but having no one to really share it with was worse. I love your transparency, Narda.

Thank you and God bless you."

Mary Lee - Chicago, Illinois

"THANK YOU. THIS IS EXACTLY where I find myself. I never saw it as this - that people would tire "waiting" with me - seemingly giving up on me because - like me - they can't see the finished result.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF YOUR MINISTRY TO ME TODAY.

Love you!”

"My Personal Gethsemane: But Gethsemane is a lonely place; a place where those closest to you will fall asleep on you, just as the disciples fell asleep on Jesus. Your so-called best friends fall into slumber in your darkest hour of need. While many go on with their lives, you are out of sight, out of mind, and alone to face your Gethsemane.  Some will stay behind and watch from a distance, some praying and cheering for you while others watch to see what will become of you."

~Excerpt taken from the Will the Real Me Please Stand Up!

Debbie Calvert - Indianapolis, Indiana


"On my commute home from work, I started to embark on the journey of  accompanying you through 'Will the Real Me Please Stand Up'. I must say that the dedication, preface, introduction, first chapter, and first paragraph of the second chapter are an elaborate, intriguing pictorial of Biblical application to your life's ministry. You ground your reader to brace themselves while educating and enlightening them and once you have enticed your audience, you slap them into cold hard reality. It's not just your reality, but that which is untold of many others. My props and kudos to you for fighting and pressing pass the hurt to share with others the road to reality and recovery, peace, anointing, and true prosperity which is found by continuously turning to the Lord our Father and allowing Him to guide you into your destiny and His will.  I can't wait to delve deeper and digest what God has in store through you and this great work."

Elizabeth M. Gonzalez - Teacher, New York

I’ll be honest. I hate reading! It has to be a mind catching book for me to even be able to concentrate. Once I started reading it, I was powerless to put it down! I tell you, the book really spoke to me in all aspects of my life. It’s like my journey home to God. It increased my faith knowing that even when I look in the mirror, I am forgiven but it also showed me I have to fix myself first. You’re an amazing author. I truly thank you for opening my eyes to the whole story, not just a pain but the journey, the process to healing. I had no hope yesterday. Today, I do honestly have hope! Brandie Emerson
Brandie Emerson
"This book is a must read for all those who are searching for their identity or who are having identity crisis in their lives. This will truly open your eyes. ALSO RECOMMENDED: Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer '2002' & many of her other works and Don't Get Off the Train by Juanita Bynum"
Dream Lover - Snellville, Georgia