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Will The Real Me Please Stand Up - Narda Goodson Ministries

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About Soyini Richards

Professor Soyini Richards
Accountant - Ministry Of Finance
Ministry Advisory Council
Email: [email protected]m

Soyini graduated from Howard University with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. After graduating from her master’s program, she became a school psychologist for DC public schools performing both assessments and intervention strategies in area schools. Soyini also had a thriving Christian psychotherapy practice in her home town in Westchester, NY where she offered, individual and family therapy. Since the late 90’s, Soyini has worked in higher education as both a professor and an administrator.

Currently, she is completing the perfect PhD program for her studying her two loves psychology and business in a Business Psychology program. As a business psychologist, Soyini intends to continue teaching in the field and offer consulting services to corporations as well as small businesses.

Soyini is known to inspire, motivate and transform lives. She teaches, talks to live audiences and coaches people of all ages. Soyini has noteworthy success with youth, college students, leadership and women. She exercises Biblical principles and empowerment messages. In addition, Soyini enjoys using her God given gifts to help people identify their calling and discover their career paths.