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The GatheRings

    Welcome to the Christian Resource Services called TheGatheRing™. TheGatheRing™is a call to the Body of Christ for the purpose of providing, promoting, and making accessible to our communities a list of the various Christian ministries, organizations, and businesses in your local and regional and out of state ministries and organizations.

     TheGatheRing™ also provides resources to assist leaders in networking and information-sharing and provides local networking opportunities for growth and exposure. It is a collaboration of Christian ministries, organizations, and businesses with godly integrity showing the way through good example, experience, education, and knowledge.

     TheGatheRing™was founded by Narda Goodson in 2007. The name stems from her encounters with her first inspirational and spiritual leaders in Bronx, New York, where annual events were held in honor of our King and as God's people "gathered" together in royal splendor. We are a Kingdom-minded people on a mission with God as our vision. We are ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ!

     We are a people of God that have been set apart, equipped, filled with the Holy Spirit, and are serving and shining in a world of darkness. We are NOT here for name recognition or status but merely as vessels and servants of the Lord. We understand that our calling and gifts come from God and that His Word has supreme Lordship. We utilize our calling, ministries, and gifts with a Biblical approach through counseling, mentoring, praying, and the Word of God. Our ultimate goal is to see people refreshed, restored, and renewed to a loving God through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

     What better way to guide them. It is like a driver on the road, lost or unsure of his destination, but when he sees your sign, he’ll know when and where to exit. Your ministry, organization, or business may be just what he is looking for, or better yet, where God is leading him. It is not about you or me but about the designated place that God has destined for that driver. There is only one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all (Ephesians 4:4-5). All sheep belong to God.

     We are inviting you to become a part of our Christian RingLets™ by listing your ministry, organization, and/or business in one or more of the categories listed below. At this time, it is absolutely FREE to be included.  

     This listing is a Christian faith directory filled with a variety of information to help meet the growing needs and demands of our communities. RingLets are communities of websites united by a common interest and organized into a circular "ringlet" of mutual links. 

     TheGatheRing™ is the mother of all RingLets™and within it contains several subrings. For example, if you have a strong mentoring program, then your ministry/organization would be placed in the MentoRing. We will include all of your contact information that you provide to us so that others may know how to reach you. If you do not see your category and wish to suggest one, we will consider it once we receive your information.

So far we have included:

  • The GatheRing - Ministry and Business: a collaborative information based Christian directory of individual web sites, ministries, organizations, and businesses 

  • The GatheRing - Church Listing

  • PrayeRing: The PrayeRing is dedicated to prayer. Gain hope and strength as we pray for you.

  • MentoRing: MentoRing is when a role model, or mentor, offers support to another person. 

         A mentor has knowledge, experience, and wisdom in an area and shares it with the person. 

         Mentorship refers to a developmental relationship between a more experienced mentor and 

         a less experienced partner referred to as a mentoree (person being mentored)

  • · BibleRing: The weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meeting of Bible Study 

  • EstheRing: For the ladies in waiting...I've been called for such a time as this!

  • MotheRing: Mommy Support - Come in and talk about everything moms love to chat about

  • MinisteRing/PastoRing: Support groups for pastors and ministers

  • SisteRing: A sister 2 sister program (more details to follow)

  • BrotheRing: The big brother approach (more details to follow)     

  • CounselRing:

  • more Rings to come . . .  

     If you would like to participate, please send us information regarding your ministry, organization, and/or business so that we can include into our categorized Christian Web of Rings or RingLets™. It is okay to be placed in more than one category. If you DON'T HAVE A WEBSITE, don't worry, you can still be included into TheGatheRing™. 

     Please read the Terms and Conditions of use included in this email before applying. The submission of your ministry, organization, and/or business information means that you have read the Terms & Conditions of Use and agree to abide by them.

     Your ministry/organization/business must contain a mission statement and a statement of belief. Please be sure to include ministry/organization/business name(s) and address(es), website address(es), contact name(s), contact telephone number(s), email address(es), and a detailed description of your ministry, organization, and/or program and services.

     NGM decides what information about your ministry to post. After approval, we will send you a confirmation “approval” email. Ministry information should post within 1-3 days.


Our Motto:

Together we STAND,

United we are STRONG,

And we shall CONQUER on every hand

In the name of Jesus Christ

For more information or questions regarding Narda Goodson Ministries,

you may email, call, or write to us:

Narda Goodson Ministries

P.O. Box 624

Whitewright, Texas 75491




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