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Will The Real Me Please Stand Up - Narda Goodson Ministries

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The Mayor & The Pastor

"The Mayor & The Pastor"

by Narda Goodson Copyright 2007  All Rights Reserved.

As I nervously waited

In the courtroom hall
Even though he sat
He appeared extremely tall


He was impressively dressed
As he topped it off with his hat
But I was from New York
And I was ready to bat

My name was called
And I walked to the front
I attempted to hit
My first ball with a bunt

I had it mapped out
In case of a strike
And was certain the second

Would hit to the pike

Even though I stood before him
My height kept us face to face
Yet, I was unwaveringly determined
To beat the disputable ticket case

I had prayed for God’s help
As I stood in the center
And with my head held up
I remembered the Book of Esther
He was not looking

For a perfect wife
I was to get nine hours
And ended up with life

Most girls dream
Of their brave knight on a horse
But my cowboy showed up
On an eight power horse, of course
(the very next day, by the way)

Awakened to the sounds

As he rode atop his tractor
I jumped toward the window
Never considering that
He was the Mayor and I was the Pastor

Like when Boaz found Ruth
When he found me I was busy gleaning

The lives of humanity 

Within the community that came streaming

I welcomed many into my home

And at the center for days and nights
I would pray to the Lord
For the souls of Whitewright

It was a battle from the start
But I knew my God had sent me
I said I would never quit
It was my mission and my destiny

Talk about fairytales, rhythms, and rhymes
Mayor Bill had game
And Pastor Narda
Made the time

He wooed me with

Candle lights, dinner, and dance
He led as I followed

To his two-step prance

We engaged in chaste romance
And he used as his bait
The most beautiful songs
You know it, George Strait!

When a man finds a wife
He obtains favor from the Lord
Two hearts unite as one
Love is the holding cord

In Grayson County
The once most eligible bachelor
Is now my husband
A man of integrity, strength, and valor

His gift, his bounty
He says I am in his life
I am honored and proud today
To be called his wife

"The Mayor and The Pastor" by Narda Goodson.  Copyright 2007.  All Rights Reserved.