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Women's Ministry

Join our Social Network of Ah-mazing, Anointed, & Appointed Women of GOD.

My heart, my mind, my soul says YES to you Lord. I'll do what you want me to do; I'll say what you want me to say; I'll go where you want me to go. Just lead me and guide me.

I'll OBEY!

Predestined By God Christian network teaches and directs women to finding their purpose and destiny through faith, hope, and God's Word.

Our goal is to provide a stable place for mentorship, fellowship, education, friendship opportunities, and ultimately a place where one can get rooted, connect, and grow in their personal relationship and walk with the Lord.

We ARE NOT interested in developing the fastest or largest social network or just another Christian social club, but a network where genuine camaraderie exist and relationships can be established and cultivated.

PBG's mission is to identify, develop, and release the untapped leader within every individual by developing, instructing and releasing every believer through the discovery of personal purpose and destiny which is found in Christ.

A Personal Message from One of Our Members

Listen as one of our members shares her AHmazing Story!

Register now, it's always FREE and add to the cluster of aHmazing, ambitious, appointed, and anointed women of God. You can write or add your existing blogs, photos, start discussions, make friends, encourage others, or be inspired daily.

Best of all, enjoy the anointing that flows to influence you to be all that God has designed you to be . . .


You choose!

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