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2020 - The Year of Perfect Vision & Prophetic Voice

In just a little over a week, we will be exiting the decade 5770 - 5779; the decade of Ayin (sight, eyes) and entering into a new decade 5780 – 5789, which in Hebrew is called Pey.

Pey mean mouth, expression, word, vocalization, speech/voice, breath. Pey is the 17th letter of the alphabet and has a numeric value of 80. In the pictograph below, Pey has the appearance of a mouth, but within the inner space of Pey, we will also find that it reveals to us the hidden letter Bet.

The letter Bet means tabernacle, house, home. Used as a prefix it means at, in or with. It has a numerical value of 2.

In the order of the Hebrew alphabet, Pey (mouth, word) follows the letter Ayin (eyes, sight, discernment, awareness). This order expresses to me that the eyes (spiritual discernment) has preeminence before verbal expression (mouth). Does think before you speak come to mind?

When we think of these two letters combined with the one hidden within the other, let us reflect the importance of how our mouth is a vessel that houses to release GOD's Word.

For the mature and seasoned believer. For those who have been seeking the LORD with all their hearts. For those with whom He has disclosed and revealed secrets, we are going to enter into the Year 2020 (5780) with PERFECT VISION.

Vision has a voice and according to Habakkuk chapter 2, vision speaks. All that the Holy Spirit has revealed and shown to us in visions and in dreams, we will boldly declare with conviction, with authority, and we will begin speaking it out with clarity and brevity. For the vision is for an appointed time and it will not lie!

This is a season of a heightened spiritual awareness that is filled with revelation and much wisdom. So before opening our mouths, let us take heed to not speak out of sync or order. No longer will we allow unreasonable people to cause us to become unbalance and out of character. It is best from here on to discern and remain silent so as to not sin with our lips and negatively reverse the order of things we have prayed and even declared for them.

As we prepare our hearts for this new year approaching, may we recant and repent for all the faithless, negative, powerless, ugly, rebellious, careless and ungodly words we thought or voiced.

And as we begin to declare what the Holy Spirit has shown to us in the decade of Ayin, I pray that according to Job 22:28, your Holy Spirit-led declarations will draw, pull, loose, and release the demonstration and manifested dunamis, anointed power and revelation of the LORD from Heaven to earth in the decade of Pey. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to His people the Church. ~2019 Narda Goodson

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