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Who's Living In Your House?

Who's Living In Your House? (He that has an ear, let him hear): Click to listen to the

Sarah laughed. Joseph's brothers mocked and hated. People will laugh, mock, and scorn you because of THE PURPOSE that lies within you. Can I talk to some real people with some real issues? People who know what it is to stare at contemptuous religious folks? People who live with Critic and Opposition?

The religious mindset will keep you bound in the circles of Pharaoh, the Pharisees, the PhotoShops, and the Phoney's? It will tie you to the bed of Phobias that will leave you cripple all your life wondering like the paralytic, "Can I do this?" and "Can God really use me?". We need to let the Holy Ghost teach us who we are in Christ!

Life isn't always about "patty-caking" and "sugar-coating" around topics and discussions like we are afraid. We are sons and daughters of the Most High. Stop living in denial as if life were a piece of cake because it isn't.

Jesus dealt with folk in the OPEN courts of His day. He did not talk behind their backs but neither did He shy away in fear. His messages were clear, precise, and direct. In fact, the Bible records that when He confronted and rebuked people for their hypocrisies, His words cut straight to their hearts that they became offended and wanted to kill him. Jesus was despised and rejected. Don't be surprise when people desire to kill you from their groups, churches, and friendship circles. You're not always going to be celebrated.

The Word of GOD will cut you before it cures you. GOD's Word will either free you or convict you. And as mature sons and daughters, we've got to teach it and preach it because we are living it. Now, if the Sword cuts you along the way, know that the same Sword has the power to heal you if you take GOD's correction and rebuke. The Father uses whom He chooses and wills, and if He can make an donkey talk, then He can surely use you and me today.

The spirit of the Pharisee kills. It wants to kill so badly that it would have stoned the woman caught in adultery (no mercy). It would have kept the lame man sick (traditions). It would not have spoken with the woman at the well (racial arrogance and divisions). There is a Phariseutical (Narda's dictionary) religious spirit that has gripped the church today and it is a spiritual movement whose agenda is to keep the believer silent and passive in fear.

Because the spirit of the Pharisee is strategic and critically cynical, it attacks and holds its captives in prison in all types of ways. It lives, breeds, and camps in doctrinal teachings and denominations passed through cultural differences and is designed to keep you from ever embracing all GOD has for you.

It will keep you complacent in your pew with never doing anything greater. It will keep you in the "dreaming" phase of your life. And because you're too scared (((because))) "they said" that "GOD said" that you were nothing more than to be confined to the limitations of being you, you don't even have sense enough to find out who GOD is for yourself.

You see, the enemy understands that when the Holy Ghost reveals to you who Christ is in you, you'll become like the Samaritan woman whose one encounter with Jesus at the well left her evangelizing her entire city by talking about "Come see a man!" who told me who I AM. And if that doesn't work, the Pharisee movement has Saul on standby, ready to dress you to look like him, talk like him, walk like him, and war like him. It understands the power of image. But the "image" is not powerful enough to contend and slay yourGoliath.

Stop letting people dress you. Let the Word of GOD dress and make you over again. We've been Photo-cropped far too long that we have no idea who we have become. And it is going to take the Fire of GOD, consecration, setting ourselves apart through fasting and praying so that the transformation of the Refiner's Fire can take place within us.

Listen! Opposition from the outside is one thing but to face opposition from the inside is another. You've got to be willing to address the enemy on the outside but also be willing to handle him on the inside. Don't be scared. Folks will either love you or hate you. But it is the people that know their GOD that shall do exploits.

People will shout "Hosanna" today and then scream "Crucify him!" tomorrow. You've got to be able to take it. You cannot afford to allow relationships, friendships, camaraderie, and any kind of connection with folks to water down the message GOD gives you. If they've got to go, then go!

Purposeful people aren't tied down by mediocrity and confined to the shackles of Egypt. You are not bound to the religious mindset of the Pharisee. You owe them nothing but love and truth. So, it's time to tell the Far-To-See to go. It's time to tell the Sad-To-See, I can't stay. It's time to tell those Pharaoh's in your life that you are doing an exodus. You are exiting the circles of "I care what you think".

The enemy on the outside is not nearly as dangerous as the enemy on the inside because he's got to break through in order to steal what is on the inside. If the enemy has come against you from the inside, it is because of the TREASURE GOD placed within you. GOD has placed inside of you a treasure box called PURPOSE. It is valuable. It is powerful. It is anointed. That is why he is trying to steal it, stop it, and stomp on it. Don't you dare allow the opinions of others stop the move of GOD in you. Now, who's living in your house? It's time to put some things out and close some doors. He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. In Jesus' name! Amen! ~2015 Narda Goodson

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